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#2 Where can we make tequila?

Tequila is somewhat misunderstood as being the only major spirit category  that is denomination protected. Spooky - protection by denomination of origin. What does it mean? Tequila cannot be produced just anywhere very much like Champagne, Scotch or Bourbon. Surely you can make a sparkling wine anywhere in the world if you have the grapes for it and you can even create a custom label for it at home saying “Champagne” or let’s say “Chmpgn” but it will only be as authentic as the fake Chinese Nike or Adidas shoes under the brand labels of “Neki” or “Adidos”.
So where can authentic tequilas be produced legally?
Only the state of Jalisco, a few towns from the neighboring states and another couple of towns from the state of Tamaulipas are allowed to produce tequilas.
Okay let’s be honest, only a very few people will venture outside of Jalisco to make tequila or even just to visit a distillery. Guadalajara is very well connected with the rest of the world with lots of flights and the main - a…
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#1 The reality - what does making your tequila really mean?

What does it mean to “make tequila”? I doubt George Clooney or Carlos Santana had anything to do with the production of the juice itself, but probably even the bottle/label design was out of their hands, so it makes this a fair question.
People have already asked us if we are literally going to get involved with the distillation. In Hungary we have a special spirit made of fruits called palinka. People are allowed to make their own palinka with their own equipment at home. So most of our friends already assume that we are going to ferment and distill it.
In tequila world we cannot make our own tequila at home. Also it is best if we don’t get involved in the buying of the agave. Even though it is fun to try and harvest agaves - we have tried it ourselves - it is best if we leave that part too for professionals just to be sure we don’t ruin the taste with our poor job.
How do we make our own tequila then?
The answer is, we don’t literally make it - but we can design it and being our own de…